Inspiration For the Set

The world of Web3 can feel like a futuristic labyrinth, filled with complex concepts and unfamiliar territory. 

That’s where CryptoKnights comes in, your gateway to understanding and participating in the next evolution of finance. But just like a captivating story needs engaging characters such as our startups and judges, CryptoKnights needs a set design that immerses viewers in this exciting new world.

Here’s why crafting the right atmosphere is crucial for CryptoKnights:

Bridging the Gap: Envision a set reminiscent of the New York Continental Hotel from John Wick, but with a twist. This lavish space, a sanctuary for assassins in the movie, is reimagined for CryptoKnights. Just as the Continental offers a sense of security and luxury in John Wick’s shadowy realm, CryptoKnights provides a secure and stylish environment for viewers navigating the intricacies of Web3. Our set design is a blend of the familiar and the futuristic, offering a glimpse into the groundbreaking innovations to come.

High-Tech Meets High-End: The John Wick inspiration doesn’t stop at opulence. His world seamlessly blends the classic elegance of the Continental with sleek weaponry and cutting-edge technology. Just like John Wick, CryptoKnights embraces this duality. Our set design integrates high-tech elements – think holographic displays and NFT artwork – within this luxurious backdrop. This visual language reflects the show’s core concept: Web3 is not just about disruption but building a sophisticated and secure future.

Set design goes beyond creating a pretty picture. It sets the tone, establishes the show’s universe, and even influences the audience’s emotions. For CryptoKnights, the design fosters a sense of optimism and excitement about the future. The blend of old-school opulence and cutting-edge technology visually communicates the immense potential of Web3.

The CryptoKnights set design is not merely a backdrop – it’s a world waiting to be discovered. By creating a visually captivating and thematically significant environment, we invite viewers to delve deeper into the show’s narrative. You, as the audience, are not just spectators but integral parts of the stories of the entrepreneurs and the future they’re shaping.

Ultimately, the set design is more than just eye candy – it’s a carefully crafted experience designed to guide you through the exciting world of Web3.