Kyle Chassé’s entry into the crypto world dates back to 2012, with a full-time commitment by 2013. His unconventional path as a serial entrepreneur, choosing global travel over traditional education, has given him a diverse and rich perspective on the crypto industry. Kyle founded the Bitcoin lottery platform World Super Lotto in 2013

The world of Web3 is buzzing with innovation. From revolutionary blockchain applications to the rise of the metaverse, the future feels closer than ever. However, Web3 can appear shrouded in technical jargon and complex concepts for those unfamiliar with this new frontier. Here at CryptoKnights, we believe the key to unlocking the future lies not just in the

The world of Web3 can feel like a futuristic labyrinth, filled with complex concepts and unfamiliar territory. That's where CryptoKnights comes in, your gateway to understanding and participating in the next evolution of finance. But just like a captivating story needs engaging characters such as our startups and judges, CryptoKnights needs a set design that immerses viewers in

The world is undergoing a seismic shift. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralised applications (dApps) are rewriting the rulebook, offering us a glimpse into a future fueled by innovation and accessibility.But for many, navigating this new frontier can feel daunting. This is where CryptoKnights steps in. We're not just a TV show – we're a gateway, a bridge