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Pitch on the Show



We are actively seeking revolutionary Web3 projects for Season 2. This is your opportunity to showcase your groundbreaking idea to a global audience of hundreds of millions. 

Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable exposure and propel your venture to the forefront of the Web3 landscape.

We review applications on a rolling basis and will respond to you within one week.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of cryptoknights?

CryptoKnights is about bringing web3 to the masses. Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur seeking investment and exposure, or a curious viewer eager to discover the next crypto unicorns, CryptoKnights is where groundbreaking ideas meet the power of the crowd.

Who should apply?

We scour the globe to find the absolute cream of the crop in Web3. Only the most innovative, well-developed ventures with strong teams, clear product-market fit and massive potential will be chosen to pitch. Prepare to be challenged, because on CryptoKnights, only the best rise to the top.


CryptoKnights puts you in front of 100s of millions of viewers, offers broad exposure to potential investors, invaluable feedback from industry leaders.


It is also your chance chance to secure funding from our Knights. Just one of our them will invest up to $1 million from his own money and up to $5 million via his VC fund. 

It's your chance to gain serious recognition within the Web3 space.

What are the selection criteria?

Our team meticulously examines every application, dissecting the innovation behind your idea.


We want to see solutions that tackle real problems, not passing trends. A strong team is crucial, too. Do you have the expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of Web3? Finally, we consider market potential. Is there a clear audience hungry for your project? And most importantly, can it become a viable investment opportunity for our viewers?


On top of this, we will want to see a big catalyst for your project when the show airs in Q2 2024.


Expect fierce competition – CryptoKnights is where the best of Web3 rise to the challenge.

When will season 2 be filmed?

Filming for CryptoKnights Season 2 kicks off in Q1 2024! The location? A state-of-the-art studio designed to bring your project to life. To ensure a dynamic and immersive experience, we expect all participating projects to be present in person throughout the week-long filming schedule.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the form on this page. Sit back and relax. We review applications on a rolling basis and will respond to you within one week.