Kyle Chasse

Kyle Chassé’s entry into the crypto world dates back to 2012, with a full-time commitment by 2013. His unconventional path as a serial entrepreneur, choosing global travel over traditional education, has given him a diverse and rich perspective on the crypto industry. Kyle founded the Bitcoin lottery platform World Super Lotto in 2013 and exited traditional finance the same year to live off his crypto holdings.

Kyle describes himself as an “expert generalist,” having worn many hats as an investor, founder, advisor, and content creator. His deep understanding of what it takes for crypto projects to succeed in the market is unmatched. On CryptoKnights, Kyle will focus on identifying founders with genuine passion and unique, needed innovations in the crypto space. He is known for his direct, blunt feedback, balanced with supportive guidance. His dedication to educating the masses on the potential of decentralization underscores his commitment to the core values of the crypto movement.